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Happy1 - Way to Happiness

Over two millenniums ago, Aristotle came to the unsurprising conclusion that what a person wants above all is to be happy. Happiness occurs when you are absolutely focused on an activity of your own choosing with a clear objective. In most cases it is followed by actions providing immediate feedback. You are so much immersed in that experience that you lose sense of time and achieve a high degree of satisfaction.

Smoking kills, yet people smoke

Happy7 300x169 - Way to HappinessThere is often a gap between what you think and you do. Psychologists use the term cognitive dissonance to describe this state of mind. Exasperated parents would hit a child, although most of them are vocal opponents of violence on children. Most of us would not recognize our mistakes, but defend them instead. Maybe because, self justification provides us with the defensive shield to sleep peacefully at night without self-doubt for some of our actions.

This dissonance can only be overcome by changing your behavior or attitude. Realize, admit, and correct yourself without any shame to become a better person and feel liberated.

Know yourself

Happy3 - Way to HappinessPublic opinion barometer is a good starting point to find more about yourself. You are under constant struggle due to various opposing forces.

  • How do you see yourself vs. how you would like to see yourself?
  • How others see you vs. how they would like to see you?

Evaluate yourself on various factors. Ask yourself some  pointed questions.

  • Are you a team player or an individualist?
  • Do you pay more attention to content or form?
  • Do you attach more importance to body or mind?
  • Are your thoughts focused more on global vs. local events?
  • Is real value more important than perceived value?

Add other relevant factors and rate their importance for you. This will help you understand more about yourself esp. aspects that you would miss otherwise.

Find your drivers

Happy8 300x169 - Way to HappinessAll of us know about the power of now! Yet we spend significant amount of time cogitating about the past. Some of us would spend a large proportion of time dreaming of future. You need to ask these questions and take control of your life. Are you spending too much time thinking about our past, esp. the unpleasant ones? Are you paying enough attention to your now? Is the future worrying you too much? Keep in mind that you cannot change the past. But you can ruin the present by worrying too much about the future.

Avoid the personal potential trap

Happy5 300x169 - Way to Happiness‘Such a promising boy’ – Have you heard that? Do you understand what lies behind this trap? A lifetime of striving to fulfill this promise. It is a curse for the talented people. Have you enjoyed it to begin with until the stupid ones become hardworking? Have you watched confounded from the sidelines as you are overtaken by these very people who had enviously looked up to you once upon a time? This trap occurs when your actual achievements start to lag behind other’s expectations of your unrealized promises & charisma esp. when achieved without much effort. You can avoid this to an extent by under promising and over delivering.

Unleashing your happiness

Happy6 - Way to HappinessIt can be safely said that you can experience true happiness, esp. when you consider it to be really important. Know yourself through self discovery. Eliminate unwanted dissonance from your thoughts and actions. Avoid the perils of heightened expectations and become an overachiever. Recognize your limitations so that you can find your workarounds. This wholesome journey has the ability to release the limitless energy that lies within you and transform your life into a resonating symphony.


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