Top 10 ways to practice SELF-CARE:

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Self-care is the most important and the most crucial step for our life. Self-care prepares us to take care of all other things. Only when we value ourselves, we can add value to the world.

Here are the top 10 ways to practice Self Care:


2.Exercise and Rest



5.Writing a Journal


7.Be Proactive




1.Taking Care of our Body by Nutrition:

Nutrition, Exercise and Rest are the vitals for a healthy body. We need to understand our body well and focus on its nutritional requirement. There is a basic nutrition which all of us need i.e. a balanced diet of carbohydrate, protein, vitamin, essential fats and minerals. Depending upon our age and health condition, we need to decide the ratio of the nutrient we require to fuel our body.

2.Taking care of our body by Exercise and Rest:

Exercise refers to any activity that increases our heart beat. It helps our body to stay fit and in shape. When we are not able to hit the gym, we can go for walk, do some dancing, jogging, skipping, take stairs, do household work, mild stretching or play sports which require some movement. A lot of hormonal secretions happen while exercising for example insulin, glucagon, cortisol, etc. which helps us to maintain blood sugar level, produce new cells in brain, boost metabolism and benefits us in several other way.

Rest is the recovery process by which our body and mind repair themselves and prepare for the next task or day. We need to sleep for 7 to 10 hours a day and take power naps to recharge ourselves. Yoga Nidra is a wonderful way to rest our consciousness and start fresh.

In order to get a perfect body we need to focus 50 % on diet, 25% on exercise and 25% on rest.

3.Self-care by maintaining Hygiene:

Being clean is the first step towards sustaining good health. Besides, it helps us to prevent disease, gives us social and professional acceptance, increases our self-esteem and make us feel good about ourselves. It has a huge impact not only on our lives but also to those who live around us. Personal hygiene gets maintained by taking care of our skin, hair, teeth, mouth and areas prone to odor and fungal infection. Social hygiene can be maintained by keeping our house and environment clean and cooking in a clean place.

Emotional Hygiene can be maintained by distressing ourselves, introspecting by having a quiet time and ability to say ‘No’ to things we are not comfortable with.

4.Controlling our Thoughts by MEDITATION:

Meditation is awareness. It is a state of complete peace and calmness. While we are meditating, each cell of our body gets filled with energy. It helps us in physical, mental, and spiritual way.

Meditation can be done in several ways. Some of them are listed below:

  • Sit straight in a comfortable position and focus on breathing.
  • Feel and recite any mantra or a phrase that gives us joy and repeat.
  • Scan our body parts one by one, feel and move our focus from one part to the other
  • Visualize a beautiful scenery and imagine to be there exploring the place.
  • Whenever our mind gets distracted or we feel something strong, we need to close our eyes and try to see what is going on in the mind. The moment we focus on our thoughts, we would discover our thoughts disappearing and thus we reach a state of meditation.

5.Self-Care by Journalling:

Journaling has a great positive impact on our health. Journaling enhances our creativity and helps us to introspect ourselves. It is the best way to document our past. We can understand and learn from our mistakes, struggles, relationships and our victories. By writing down our goals and objectives, we stay focused and plan with clarity. Journaling tracks our overall development and facilitates personal growth.

Following are some points which we can add to our journal:

  • Record our wins from the previous day. That keeps us motivated and makes us feel our progress.
  • Record daily learning in the journal that increases our awareness.
  • Record gratitudeto enhance our blessings.
  • Let go off our worry by writing it down so that we have we have more creativity left in our mind that will eventually help us to solve our problems.
  • Record the ideas we get in our daily life that helps us to stay focused and eventually materialize.
  • Record our daily goal setting.
  • We can make a journal of anything we like, for example, a parenting journal, a travel diary, insights from a book, audiotape or a movie, recipe journal, etc.


Books are our mentors and friends for lifetime. They stimulate our brain, give us knowledge, reduce stress, beat loneliness, solve our problems, entertain us, help us sleep better and benefit us in an endless way. Books take way nothing but ignorance. Hence we must take out at least half an hour everyday to read.

7.Take ownership and be proactive:

We are responsible for everything happening to us and we must take complete ownership of it.  External factors which are beyond our control (e.g. weather or what other people think about us, etc.) should not dictate our life. Every choice and the decision we make is a factor of our internal self. Our internal self refers to our motivational level, self-confidence, self-discipline and our believe in ourselves. We would always face situations which are not favorable to us but we should be proactive and not reactive. We should never blame others for our condition. When things do not work out, we need to change our approach and keep going. We must take the ownership to make our life better. It’s not what we get that makes us happy but what we become.

8.Gratitude and its power:

Gratitude is such a transformative inner action that attracts to us the Abundance and Happiness we all desire. We should keep a “Gratitude Journal” and records all the moments which we are grateful for. Research shows that recording experiences for which one is grateful for only two consecutive weeks has lasting positive effects sustained for up to six months.Hence, feeling grateful should become our habit. Gratitude teaches us forgiveness, improves our problem solving skills, improves relationships and helps us learn even from the things that don’t feel good.

  • Keep a Gratitude journal and record every day.
  • Practice Gratitude Meditation.
  • Say ‘Thank You’ often.


Faith is an expression of hope for something better. Regardless of our religion, faith is a critical component on our life. When we pray, we build inner strength that helps us brave the tough times of our life. We see things better through the eyes of faith. God is our parent.So He already knows our needs. So instead of asking Him what we want, we should ask Him what He wants us to do. We get all our questions answered and find peace and happiness. We must take out sometime from our daily schedule to pray everyday.

10.Reward yourself:

If we don’t reward ourselves, then who will?

We need to recharge and refocus. This helps us to set and attain our goals. What gets rewarded gets repeated. When we experience joy and fulfillment in celebrating our victories, we want to attain more. This becomes a cycle of Pleasure.



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  • Here’s what I learned and I didn’t need to spend hours or years meditating (which, by the way, I’d already tried). You don’t need to interpret dreams, read countless books on attracting and intending, create vision boards, or pay for costly seminars (which I’d also tried).

  • Hi Josefina,
    I agree. Different people have their own unique learning experiences. What works for one might not work for another. One doesn’t learn from reading when one doesn’t feel good about it. Sitting at one place and meditating might work for some while some might get similar benefits from hiking or playing their favorite sports. Meditation is nothing but deriving complete awareness with one’s full concentration. Thanks for sharing your views !!

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