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It is a common misconception that spending long hours at desk leads to productivity. In fact, it leads to adverse health effect like obesity, heart diseases and so on. Pomodoro technique is one of the most efficient time management approach which increases your productivity, sharpens your focus and gives you creative freshness.

What is Pomodoro Technique?

This technique was invented by developer, entrepreneur, and author Francesco Cirillo in 1980s.

Pomodoro” is an Italian word for tomato. Cirillo took the name from a tomato shaped kitchen timer which he used to manage his time. This tomato shaped kitchen timer would start ticking once he would twist the top.


Pomodoro technique works in blocks of 25 minute session. Each session is referred to as a single pomodoro. One works for 25 minute on one project without distraction. After completion of one pomodoro, one can take a break of 5 minutes.Once a person completes 4 pomodoros, then he/she needs to take a longer break of 20 minutes. And the process continues..

How does Pomodoro Technique work?


  • Choose a task which needs to be done.
  • Turn off all the distractions. Do not check emails, social media, phone calls, etc.
  • Start the timer or the app for 25 minutes. The ticking sound must be audible.
  • Work on the task and only on that task until Pomodoro rings.
  • Once it rings, put a check on your sheet of paper. Take a break of 5 minutes. Roam around, stretch yourself, have a coffee, make a phone call or anything else but get done in 5 minutes.
  • Start another Pomodoro, continue the same process and complete 4 pomodoros.
  • Take a break of 20 mins before starting another session.

Work on one task at at time. Avoid the urge of multi-tasking. If some work or idea pops up in your mind, write it down in your sheet of paper and continue working. Get back to the idea in the break time.

Results of Pomodoro Technique :

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Many people has claimed this technique to be a game changer in their personal productivity. This increases your focus and productivity. It helps you to manage distractions and improves your work life balance.This technique helps your mind stay fresh and focused. It improves your quality, quantity of work and eliminates burn-out.



Who can benefit from it ?


You can find lots of opportunity for pomodoro technique in real life. When you have to organise a mess and you feel overwhelmed, this technique works wonder. If you are in the coffee shop, use this technique to respond to your email. You are early for your meetings, use this to work on your slides before your colleagues come.

Writers, lawyers, freelancers, consultants and various others professional can benefit from it. Parents can use this technique with their kids like organising their toys followed by a human 439149 960 720 300x212 - POMODORO TECHNIQUEshort story telling break. Students find this technique really helpful to focus on their studies. It actually helps to complete projects with less mental fatigue.

Steven Sande of The Unofficial Apple Weblog, Sue Shellenbarger of the Wall Street Journal and many others are a big fan of this technique and use it for their productivity. Steven Sande has compiled a great list of Apple compatible pomodoro tools.

Resources :

There are numerous website, tools and timers that help you to get started with this technique. It can also be integrated with other time management apps and tools. Some of the apps are listed below :

  • Focus Booster
  • TomatoTimer
  • PomoDone
  • Pomodoro Keeper
  • Mariana Timer
  • Pomodoro TimePro
  • Clockwork Tomato
  • Focus Keeper

Criticism :

  • When you are in your flow and suddenly the time is up. You are compelled to take a break. Many people are not fine taking a break then because the 5 mins which is meant for their recharge actually adds to their distraction. They struggle to get back in the flow.
  • If you have some appointments or meetings, you cant go for pomodoros.
  • Some people find it ridiculous to concentrate with a timer ticketing at their desk.
  • Pomodoro Technique cannot be used in a field job.

Conclusion :

Every technique has its own pros and cons. Its a personal preference to use this technique.The good thing is that it is free. Over two million people use this technique. And it is worth giving a try to see whether it actually works for you or not.


Please share your views and let us know if you have tried this technique.


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