Handling Distractions

It seems that most of us are always in a quest to be more productive. The phone calls, social media, email and several notifications can be so overwhelming sometimes. We images 300x150 - Handling Distractionsdepend on several tools for working efficiently. However, these gadgets and tools leave us with unexpected consequences. These are the dreadful Distractions of our life which do not let us fulfill our objectives. Before handling distractions, lets understand how powerful these can be.

The POWER of DISTRACTIONSguilty 300x113 - Handling Distractions

  • Distractions are very subtle. So you need to be very careful.
  • Distraction are slow process of destruction of your goals, objectives and your dreams.
  • Distractions are highly addictive.
  • Distractions let you loose track of your valuable time.
  • Distractions gives you immense short time pleasure and robs you off yourdownload - Handling Distractions concentration and focus.
  • It is said that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Distraction can destroy your good habit within seconds of time and before you realize.
  • Distraction finally leaves you with terrible feelings of self-loathing and guilt.
  • Most of the employees or students are distracted every 15 mins.

Whenever you avoid the battle you are born for, you are going to face another battle which you are not equipped for.

When distracted , you put your attention in something which you are not supposed to be doing. It keeps you away from priorities. You have some purpose in your life. Based on that, your make our own goals and establish a routine or a plan to achieve the goals. The journey to achieve what you want to achieve, is never easy. Its painful and full of hurdles. And when you start to look out for some comfort to ease the pain, you invite the devil of distraction to sweep into your time. Always remember that absence of pain is relief and never fulfillment.

Handling Distractions :

(Simple but effective)

1. Focused Work Time

Analyse yourself, find the hours of the day when you are the most productive and block it. Put on the “DO NOT DISTURB” sign for all. Let your dear ones know about this. Giveengrossed - Handling Distractions access only to important people of your life like spouse or parents for emergencies. Focus and immerse yourself completely in your work. Make a conscious effort not to respond to any calls, emails or any other kinds of distractions.  Remember creating work that gives value to others will make you more important and not by answering calls. So let them wait for the designated time which you have decided. Most importantly, focused work time should not exceed 2 hours.

You can have focused work time for 2 – 4 times but not exceeding two hours of your day.  Pomodoro Technique also works with the same principle and has been very effective in helping people achieve their goals.

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2. Set Reminders

You would know it better if you are prone to distractions or not. Depending upon the frequency, set a reminder as in “Am I doing this for the right reason?” or “Are you on track?”, etc. This might arouse your conscience and make you feel guilty if you are distracted. The guilt further helps you to focus on your work..If you are not, these reminders help you feel good and stay focused on your track.



3.Time Blocking

In this you block your time for all the areas of your life. Time Blocking breaks the monotony of your life by focusing on different important areas. It maintains the balance areas - Handling Distractionsand keeps you focused and motivated.

For effective time blocking, introspect : “What is the one thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be either easier or unnecessary?”

  1. For my Finances..
  2. For my Physical Health..
  3. For my Personal Life..
  4. For my Job or Business…so on.


App - Handling Distractions4. Use Productivity Apps

There are different apps, websites and software available which help you stay focused. For example StayFocused lets you stay distracted for permitted time and thereafter blocks the site. Apps like Pocket lets you save something you want to read or browse for later, even when you are offline.



Check out the 10 most time management tool to handle distractions effectively. 

5. Make time for distractions.games - Handling Distractions

Distractions are very tempting. If we cut them off completely, it might make our work overwhelming. Hence, we should devote sometime to distractions as well. Look out for the most unproductive hour of your day and enjoy your distraction within a time frame. Use a timer which helps you to keep track of your time and not get carried away.Focus - Handling Distractions

Time Management and handling distractions go hand in hand. Hence, its all about how effectively you can manage your attention. Attention is very valuable. Besides, everything tries to capture your attention first in order to make money or be successful. So first, you need to control your reactions and stay focused. And finally, you have to make a call of making either other people rich or valuable by giving your time and attention or preserving it to make yourself successful and happy.attention - Handling Distractions



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