Are you killing your brain by not eating these food ?

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The brain is one of the most active organ in your body. More than 80 billion neurons are continuously sending and receiving signals 24 hours a day even as you sleep. thinking 300x135 - Are you killing your brain by not eating these food ?It is responsible for all your thoughts and emotions. It consolidates memories and records all your activities from the previous day. Certain class of foods has the potential of killing your brain. Certain food holds the key to keeping your brain rejuvenated and increasing its longevity.

The brain takes only 2 % of your body weight, uses 20 % of your body’s oxygen and consumes up-to 50 % of your body’s glucose.


The brain needs a lot of fuel and energy to function properly. The fuel comes from GLUCOSE. You get glucose from carbohydrate which promotes your cognitive ability. But when your brain gets glucose from sugar, then it is detrimental to brain’s health. Studies have shown that your memory improves within 1 hour of consumption of food rich in carbohydrate. When you consume carbohydrate, your brain produce Serotonin. feelings - Are you killing your brain by not eating these food ?This hormone is responsible for mood regulation. That’s a reason you crave for carb when you are sad or stressed.

When your blood sugar level drops, the brain is the first organ to recognize the problem. It starves for fuel and starts becoming inefficient causing dizziness, confusion, light-headness, blurred speech and so on. This can be extremely dangerous and even fatal sometimes.

One should have good carbohydrate for optimal brain health like whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables for optimal brain health.

Protein – The Keto Diet

A lot of people go for a diet which is low in carbohydrate for weight loss or if they are prone to type 2 - Are you killing your brain by not eating these food ? In such cases, liver and brain form a team to create a metabolic symphony, where the liver converts protein into glucose and sends it to the brain for the immediate use. The liver also transform the Fat into Ketone Bodies and sends it to the brain as an alternate fuel. The brain takes sometime up-to 2 weeks to adapt to this new source of fuel. Once it gets adapted, then it can go for years relying on this fuel. Protein also provide Viamin B complex which also gives mialin and supplies amino acid and trytophan needed for serotonin production.

Your body breaks down protein to Amino Acid, which act as a nerotransmitter to your brain. This regulates your mood, alertmess, concetration, sleepcycle, memory and communication between your cells.

Fatty Acid

If you could extract the full moisture from your brain, you would find that your brain is left with 80 % fat which is also called lipid. Protein and amino acid would make to 13 % and rest 7 % is covered by glucose and micro nutrient. walnut - Are you killing your brain by not eating these food ?

Always consume healthy brain food like Salmon, walnut, chia seeds, flax seeds. This supplies a very good amount of Omega 3 Fatty Acid and essential nutrients. The brain needs these to make mialine that helps to communicate through nerve. This furthermore prevents degeneration of the brain and decreases the risks of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.


Like any other parts of the body, your brain also benefits from steady supply of micro-nutrients. Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid protects the brain from declining. These vitamins lowers your blood levels of homocysteine, protects brain from shrinkage and helps prevent Alzheimer’s.vitamin - Are you killing your brain by not eating these food ? A high level of homocysteine in the blood leads to inflammation in the blood vessels, which is a possible risk factor for coronary artery disease.This has been correlated with the occurrence of blood clots, heart attacks and strokes, early pregnancy loss and neural tube defects.

Iron, Copper, Zinc and Sodium are fundamental to brain’s health and cognitive development.


Essential for normal neurological function because of its role in oxidative metabolism and is a cofactor in the synthesis of neurotransmitters and myelin. Symptoms of iron deficiency includes fatigue, irritability, brain fog and decreased cognitive functioning.


 Impacts certain important brain pathways involving dopamine and galactose. These neurotransmitters are needed to keep our energy up, to maintain a happy mood and outlook, and to help with focus.


Plays an important role in axonal and synaptic transmission and is necessary for nucleic acid metabolism and brain tubulin growth and phosphorylation. Zinc deficiency may play a role in increasing the permeability of the blood-brain barrier, or the blood vessel system of the central nervous system that protects the brain from various toxic agents and foreign matter. spark - Are you killing your brain by not eating these food ?


Sodium is an electrolyte. Nerve cells are particularly sensitive to the amount of sodium in the blood because they need electrolytes to function properly. Too much or too little sodium can cause problems with the nerves in your brain and elsewhere in your body. When sodium levels in the bloodstream are too low, water leaves the blood and enter cells, causing them to swell. High levels of sodium (often caused by dehydration) disrupts the natural electrical currents of your nerves. This results lethargy, irritability, changes in mental status, restlessness, seizures, and twitching or spasms.


phyto 300x168 - Are you killing your brain by not eating these food ?Antioxidant helps brain from free radical damage, improves cognitive skills and slows brain aging. Make sure brightly colored fruits and vegetables find a place on your plate every meal. These antioxidant-rich plants support vascular health and likely help repair your neurons and damage associated with aging.

We cannot stop aging and so does our brain. However, by making smart lifestyle changes, it is possible to strengthen your brains ability to protect some neurons from degeneration and decay. It is highly recommend to fill your platter with colorful fruits, vegetables, berries, oily fish and nuts for optimal brain health.


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